Real Estate Agent’s Advice on Your  Home Inspection

Deciding to buy a new house can be very daunting, not to mention expensive. This is why you should be very objective in your house inspections, so you do not fall into the trap of the granite tabletops and the number of bathrooms. It’s important to remember that houses are staged during open houses, and as a buyer, you should always take into account the house’s state of repair as much as the interior design.

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7 Things To Look For During House Inspection

1. Ownership History

A house with many owners in such a short number of years is not a good sign. On average, homeownership in the US is around nine years. Aside from personal reasons, a high turnover can be caused by various reasons; an unsafe or too noisy neighborhood, the area is too far from essential businesses like schools, supermarkets, and hospitals, or the poor state of the property itself. Whatever the reason may be, it is important that you know about it so you can take it into consideration when you decide which house to pick.

2. Water Stains, Mold, And Corrosion

Water leaks are one of the most costly house repairs that you can have. Check out signs of moisture on the floors, walls, the bathroom, and even fixtures near sources of water like cabinets under the sink. Chances are, if there are already visible signs of moisture penetration, the damage has already been done, and it’s better to find a different property than to shoulder all the repair costs yourself.

3. Faulty Windows And Doors

Make sure to open and close all windows and doors that you encounter in your house inspection. While one faulty window may not be a major deal-breaker, the repair costs can build up if you find more damaged ones than good quality ones. Moreover, faulty windows can be a cause of heating problems and can drive up your electricity bill during colder seasons.

4. Foundation Issues

Large cracks on the floor and around window frames, columns, and doors, uneven floors, poor tiling—these are just some indicators of a poor house foundation. This can be a cause of a lot of house issues and repairs, not to mention foundation problems are a major safety hazard for homeowners and their surrounding properties.

5. Roof And Ceiling Problems

Nobody likes a house that leaks. Check for sagging areas or freshly-painted areas on the ceiling (or any area around the house, for that matter). These may be indicative of roof leaks or plumbing problems. Also, check the external roof lines for missing parts and deflectors. You may also ask when the roof has been installed and its warranty and other papers.

6. Poor Ventilation

Aside from taking a look at the house’s vents and exhaust fans, check for condensation on windows and walls with peeling or “bubbling” paint. Improper ventilation can create molds and other irritants to form inside the house and cause allergies and other serious respiratory illnesses if not fixed. Also, be mindful of unpleasant smells or a musty or stuffy feel to the house’s air.

7. Restricted Area

If there are rooms or parts of the house that the seller is hesitant to show you or simply doesn’t allow you to see, chances are, they are probably trying to hide something. Make sure that you check all the rooms, nooks, and crannies of the house before signing any papers or getting to any agreements. As a buyer, you should be knowledgeable of any issues that the house may have before acquiring it.

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Knowing how to identify warning signs in a property when you are inspecting a house can help save you from shouldering thousands of dollars on repair costs, and a lot of headaches. It can also help you in weighing if the selling price of the property is truly worth its current state. 

As a home buyer, it can be really hard to thoroughly inspect a house without the expert eye of a professional. The best way to avoid dishonest sellers and to ensure that you get the best value house is to look for a trusted real estate agent to help you in your search. 

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