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House hunting can be quite serious, and looking for prospect properties can be difficult for some homebuyers. Some sellers host open houses to make it more attractive to potential buyers since you don’t have to schedule an appointment with the agent, you get to tour the house freely, and you get to see if there are also other people eyeing to buy the property.

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10 Important Question You Should Ask In An Open House

  1. Why Is The Owner Selling?

Knowing the reason why the current owner is moving is vital before buying a house. If it’s because of an unsafe community or rowdy neighbors, then their agent will probably try to hide it, so do your best in reading between the lines as well. 

  1. Are There Any Standing Offers?

Multiple offers can drive a house’s price up, so it’s important to know if there are any standing offers so you can negotiate accordingly. On the other hand, if there are no offers for the house, it can mean that there must be something wrong with the property, and it’s best that you stay away. 

  1. How Long Has The Property Been In The Market?

You can know this by doing your research before coming to the open house; however, asking the agent can help put some context into it and give you a better perspective. For example, the house may have been in the market for a time because of an offer that fell through due to financing issues.

  1. Any Repairs/Updates On The House?

A fresh coat of paint can easily be spotted, but you would like to know about major renovations such as roofing, wiring, plumbing, and the likes. Try to gauge the reaction of the agent as you ask these questions to see if there is anything you should be concerned about.

  1. How Are The Neighbors?

As much as we want a beautiful house, a good neighborhood is also a major factor to consider. You wouldn’t want to move in with noisy neighbors and dangerous streets, would you?

  1. Are There Any Price Fluctuations?

Changes in asking price can be caused by a lot of things. Asking the agent can help you know if you can still negotiate for a lower price when you place your offer. Additionally, if there are multiple drops in the price in a short period, then this can be a major red flag.

  1. Any Issues Around The House?

Sellers are required to tell potential buyers any underlying problems of the house; however, the seller’s agent will try to downplay this as a minor issue. To be sure, you can also ask for the disclosure statement of the seller for more information.

  1. Have There Been DIY Renovations?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to try their hand at DIY projects to save a few bucks. Sadly, these will more often than not result in substandard areas in the house that you can cost you more to renovate.

  1. How Much Is The Average Utility Costs?

Older houses tend to be less energy efficient, and will result in a much higher utility cost and switching to energy-saving upgrades can be quite expensive as well. Getting an estimate of the monthly utility bill will help you evaluate if the property is within your budget or too costly to maintain.

  1.  What Appliances Come With The House?

Not everything that you see in an open house is actually included in the house, even if it’s installedーjust like that chandelier you can’t take your eyes off. Some are simply there to entice potential buyers. So don’t assume but ask the agent first.

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Attending open houses can be a great opportunity for home buyers like you to get to know a property more before finally placing an offer. However, open houses can also be too distracting for you to notice any issues that the house may have. Having the keen eyes of a real estate agent can help identify these issues over all the decorations, music, and people.

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