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Home maintenance is very costly, and more often than not, we opt for temporary fixes for seemingly minor issues in our houses. However, these minor issues may be indicative of some bigger underlying damages in your property, and if you cannot address the root of the problem, these may develop into major repairs that will cost you more in the long run, especially if you are planning to sell your home in the future.

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11 Home Maintenance Issues You Should Address Immediately

1. Leaking Pipes

Have you been receiving unusually high water bills lately? Have you noticed staining in some places, molds or mildew, and wet spots on your floors, walls, or ceiling? This may mean that you have a leak in your pipes.

Whether it’s a small drip or a steady stream, the continuous moisture build-up can lead to major problems; mold growth, damages in your ceiling, cracks in your drywall, and many more. If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, call a professional plumber and get your plumbing system checked as soon as possible.

2. Roof Leaks

Leaks on your roof can be detected by checking roof shingles in the downspout of your gutters or by looking for large water stains or moisture on your ceiling and walls. Roof leaks, if not addressed ASAP, can cause damage to your ceiling, walls, and even your floors.

Easy fixes such as sealing tapes and liquid sealants are good temporary solutions, but if the leaks become more frequent, it would be advisable to have your roof checked out by a professional.

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3. Leaky Foundation

Signs of a leaky foundation can come in many forms: unusually high water bill, warm spots on the floor, damp carpets and floors, etc. These cracks can be as tiny as a hairline, but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause serious problems.

Foundation leaks, if left unchecked, can ruin your entire floor and create mold issues for the whole house, requiring you to hire a foundation specialist to fix and most probably replace everything.

4. Damp/Wet Crawl Space

This is one of the most neglected home maintenance tasks by homeowners. This is mostly because it’s quite difficult to do, crawling under your home. Luckily, there are professional crawl space inspectors to do it for you.

If you notice an increase in dust mites and other pests that thrive in damp environments and/or smell mold or mildew, you might want to get your crawl space checked out. This is especially true with rainy areas or areas with lots of melting snow.

5. Improperly Sealed And/Or Dirty Air Ducts

Air ducts not sealed properly or not cleaned regularly can lead to poor air quality for your homes. It can trap contaminants such as dust and pet hair that can stick to damp areas and produce molds, bacteria, and fungi, which can cause house and health issues.

If you notice your vent covers and air filters with thick dust and debris, and your house is always dusty, then it must be time to have your air ducts checked and cleaned by professionals.

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6. Air Leaks

Gaps or cracks by your doors, fireplace, window frames, and outlets where you can usually feel a draft can mean that it is a source of an air leak. Consult a professional to do a home energy audit for your home and address the air leak.

Air leaks can bring in pollen, harmful chemicals from pesticides, and other harmful pollutants from outdoors into your homes. This can cause not only health issues such as allergies and colds, but it can also contribute to a higher energy bill for the cooling or warming of your house.

7. Sewage Backup And Sewer Gas Odors

Sewage backup occurs when the normal flow of wastewater from your home and into the city’s sewage system is blocked, causing the sewage to back up into your house. This is a major environmental and health hazard and must be handled by professionals as soon as possible.

Some signs include drains clogged, water backing up to your drains, and your toilet not flushing properly and producing bubbles after you flush. Most often than not, you will also smell sewer odor in and around your house.

8. Excess Moisture Inside the House

Excess moisture inside your house can be a breeding ground for all types of fungi and bacteria. According to experts, you must keep the humidity of your homes at around 40%. A humidity meter can help you monitor excess moisture.

Some signs of excess moisture include condensation on windows on cold seasons, mildew smell in your bathroom, and mold growing in some places, and paint peeling or blistering. If moisture continues, it may cause serious damage to your walls, ceiling, and floors, not to mention health issues due to bacteria and fungi build-up.

9. Stove Exhaust Fan Problems

This home maintenance issue can be easily fixed by diligently checking and cleaning your stove’s exhaust fan filter. If your exhaust fan produces a loud humming noise and your range hood doesn’t clear smoke as easily as before, it may be time to take out your filter for degreasing.

Cooking contaminants that build up in the fan’s filter when you cool, such as smoke and grease, can recirculate back into your home and can start sticking to your walls if not cleaned regularly.

10. Overflowing Gutters

Overflowing gutters usually mean debris such as leaves, sticks, and trash have accumulated and are clogging the gutter. If left untreated, your gutters can spill water down the side of your home or can even collapse due to too much strain.

Luckily, unclogging your gutters can easily be done on your own or by a professional for a low price. Have your gutters checked and cleaned regularly, especially during fall and spring season.

11. Creosote Build-up

Creosote is an oily substance produced when you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove. It can build up in your chimney and flue and should be cleaned at least once a year. You should also check for other debris and even bird nests before you start using it to avoid chimney fires.

Some signs that you should check for creosote build-up are the following: your chimney produces a very dark and dense smoke, you see black soot around the fireplace, you hear popping or crackling sounds when using the fireplace.

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If you plan to have your house sold in the future, maintaining its quality is the best thing you can do to ensure that it will be attractive to potential buyers. Observing regular home maintenance is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs in getting major repairs done because of years of neglect. Take time to check, clean, and address minor household issues to ensure that you can get the best value for your home by the time you decide to sell.

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