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One of the most important areas in every home that a potential buyer is always keen on is the kitchen. Homebuyers often look for a modern look and up-to-date appliances and amenities. If you want the house you are selling to stand out among the fierce competition in the housing market, then having a newly renovated kitchen may be just the thing to take your property one step closer to being sold.

In doing your kitchen renovations, it is important to know what to change and what to keep in place. Don’t just overhaul everything; that would just mean a lot of unnecessary costs and waste of precious time as well. Not everything may need to be renovated just yet. Some items can be left as is, some may just need a few touch-ups, while some may need to be replaced altogether.

Acuff Properties of Carson Realty can help you identify just what your kitchen needs to give it a fresh new look that will attract potential buyers. “I am a real estate agent in Bluffton, SC that aims to help homesellers, such as yourself, determine the necessary upgrades for your house, just enough for it to entice potential buyers and to help sell your property fast,” says Acuff.

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Kitchen Upgrades Before Your Home
Hits The Housing Market

1. Cabinetry For A Fresh New Look

Worn out or outdated kitchen cabinets can be a big turn-off to potential buyers, especially now that homebuyers often prefer a more modern and clean finish. Even if the rest of the kitchen may have been upgraded, buyers may divert their attention to the dated cabinets. The good news is, there are many options for this type of kitchen upgrade that will suit your budget.

One route you can take is replacing the hardware of your cabinets to give it a fresh look. This is if you like its current color and style. As for cabinets that are structurally in good condition, you may opt to have it painted to a new color or re-stain it. We suggest hiring a professional for a cleaner finish, but if you are on a tight budget, you can make it a DIY project.

Refacing can also be another great upgrade for your cabinets. This is especially true for cabinets that are in good condition but have an outdated style. Refacing your cabinets can give your kitchen a whole new look and design without completely tearing it apart. Perhaps the most costly option would be to replace your cabinets altogether. However, we do not suggest this unless your cabinets are on the verge of falling apart.

If you are not sure about what option to take, it is better to ask for professional advice and guidance from real estate offices near you to avoid making any major mistakes and unnecessary expenses. For top real estate companies in Bluffton, SC, contact Acuff Properties of Carson Realty.

2. Smart-Tech and Energy-Saving Appliances

According to real estate companies, homebuyers nowadays often look for appliances that are sleek, eco-friendly, and have smart-tech features. WiFi-enabled and smartphone compatible refrigerators and dishwashers are a few examples of these appliances. Some homebuyers are also very particular with the energy consumption of the devices, both for the environment and for their electricity bill, so make sure to look for the Energy Star label when you look for eco-friendly and energy-saving appliances.

Kitchen appliances are one of the most important aspects of any kitchen, so investing in the latest ones will surely catch the eye of many potential buyers. Contact a real estate agent now to help you out on what appliances to get.

3. Invest In Good Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures

They may seem small and irrelevant, but good lighting and well thought out plumbing fixtures can help in highlighting your appliances. These small details can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. This is even true for all types of real estate properties, not just for kitchens.

Replace outdated fluorescent lights with more modern-looking lighting fixtures such as pendant lights, LED strips, and statement pieces. Adding lighting underneath your cabinets is also a common upgrade for kitchens nowadays. Lighting can help set the ambiance of your kitchen to a more modern and inviting feel.

As for plumbing fixtures, consult a professional plumber if you want to redesign some exterior fixtures, such as your faucets and sink, to a more stylish look that suits your new kitchen. While you can DIY plumbing fixture upgrades, it would be better to leave it to the professionals to ensure that your plumbing system would be in top shape before listing your house.

4. Countertops That Catch The Eye

Changing your countertops is essential when upgrading your kitchen. Let go of your old laminate countertops and opt for modern materials like granite, slate, concrete, or tile. This will give your kitchen a modern, sleek, and elegant finish. If you are on a budget, try to look for composite countertops to give it a granite appearance for a lower price.

In upgrading your countertops as well as other solid-surfaces, always go for neutral colors as opposed to bright and loud colors. Choosing neutral colors will give your kitchen a fresh, clean, and modern look.

5. Durable Floors That Stand Out

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen floors, bear in mind that potential buyers often look for durable yet beautiful finishes. Opt for long-lasting materials such as natural stone tiles or wood flooring. You may choose between engineered hardwood, porcelain tiles, and granite as well. Make sure that the type of flooring you choose would also complement your desired kitchen style.

In the end, whatever material you end up choosing, always make sure that they are installed properly. It is advised that you hire a professional for your flooring upgrades to ensure quality and durability.

6. Unique Kitchen Amenities

One way to make your kitchen stand out is by investing in kitchen amenities that make your house unique. Some examples are built-in wine coolers or espresso machines, customized drawers, creative storage areas, and many more.

Try to research other properties listed around your area and look for a few amenities that are usually offered, and consider adding these to your kitchen as well. You don’t need to go above and beyond, but including these amenities will give your property a much-needed advantage.

To get a better idea of what amenities are common in your local housing market in Bluffton SC, consult with top real estate agent Acuff Properties of Carson Realty.

7. A Fresh Coat Of Paint Or A New Backsplash

There are endless kitchen upgrades that can be done before listing your property, however, budget and time may not permit. Luckily, sometimes all that a kitchen needs is just a fresh coat of paint to give it a new look. In choosing a color, you can never go wrong with white or other neutral colors for a minimalist touch.

In the same manner, installing a backsplash can also give the same effect as painting the whole kitchen. Try out white subway tiles for a cool modern look or patterned tiles for a unique style.

Acuff Properties Can Help You With Great
Ideas For Your Kitchen Upgrades

Renovating a kitchen may seem like a big responsibility, and for some people, it can be quite overwhelming. Identifying what to keep, fix, and replace can be a difficult task. Luckily, you don’t need to do it alone. Avoid the hassle and unnecessary expenses by working with a real estate agency.

If you are looking for commercial real estate companies in Bluffton, SC, Acuff Properties of Carson Realty can help you out. Let me assist you in identifying the kitchen upgrades you need to do before listing your property to the housing market. You can rest assured that I will aid you in your needed renovations as well as in the selling of your property in the housing market.

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